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Mandle Company
Candles on Testosterone

Mandle Company is dedicated to offering the largest variety of the most outrageously scented candles for men.  But seriously, these candles are for everyone.  How many times have you heard somebody say they loved the smell of an auto shop, gasoline, leather, or even fresh dirt?  Well, we are here to provide you with a means to enjoy many of these smells any time you wish.  Many scents you will find here other candle companies were either too afraid to produce or simply neglected those of us with a desire for more than fruit and flowers.  For this reason, the Mandle Company was born.

Mandle Company is a family run operation located in Southeastern Michigan.  All of our candles are handmade right here in the USA and we’re proud of it!  We love what we do and try our best to make it show in our candles.  We are here to put manly scented candles on the map.